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Lets Not Repeat History

Plow that Saved the Plains

In the early 1930's fields where plowed to fine soil particles, leaving the topsoil vulnerable to easy compaction and wind erosion. This tillage practice combined with severe drought is what caused the Black Blizzards of the Dust Bowl.

Fred W. Hoeme, a farmer from Hooker, OK, created an answer to the Great Plains problem with his invention of a heavy duty chisel plow in 1933. This plow, eventually named the Graham-Hoeme plow because of the cooperative business venture with W.T. Graham of Texas, could rip up large clods capable of stopping wind erosion, compaction and would allow water to penetrate the soil surface. By the 1950's half of all the Great Plains farmers owned a chisel plow.
Plow to Save the Planet
In the 1950's P.A. Yeoman, an Australian mining engineer and farmer, built a subsoil plow that took the Graham-Hoeme plow concept to another level. The Yeomans plow is designed to combat dwindling water supplies and soil erosion by lifting and aerating the soil while limiting soil disturbance to minimize oxidation of organic matter. 
Today Yeomans Plows are reinventing the conventional farm cultivation practices, by using innovative, forward thinking ideas on dealing with problems from the past that are surfacing once again in our modern day agriculture industry. With incorporating concepts such as keyline design and permaculture, Yeomans Plows are on the front line of future land sustainability and economical stability.