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Additional Resources On Keyline and Permaculture

The crew here at Pacific Organics has had the great opportunity to get to know and work with Owen Hablutzel, learning Keyline Design and the becoming integrated into the Permaculture Community. He is truly an expert in his field and on the leading lines of forward thinking innovation when it comes to land use and sustainability, being on the rise to becoming the next great leader of our times ranking among names like Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton and Darren Doherty. We have a copy of his Bio below, as well as a brochure on keyline courses with him including his contact information. 

Owen Hablutzel is an independent consultant, educator, and group-facilitator performing international work with a range of clientele to enact whole-system transformations toward robust land health, social engagement, and economic profitability, through whole ecosystem stewardship.

Living, working and learning across a multiple cultural-ecological contexts (North and southern Africa, Australia, Middle-East, Canada, Mexico and the United States) Owen brings a diverse constellation of experiences and training to his work in broad-acre and regional systems.  This work integrates bio-physical applications (Keyline®, Holistic Management®, and Permaculture) with social technologies (co-creative participatory process facilitation) and with a wider spectrum of practical, flexible, leading-edge solutions (social-ecological systems science) for regenerative sustainability.

Whether with ranches, farms, classrooms, NGOs, non-profits, agencies/ministries or other land managing/policy groups, the core work remains collaborative empowerment with people, organizations, institutions, and communities enacting positive transformations for land and lives. 

Owen is a Certified Educator of Holistic Management, serves as a director of the Permaculture Research Institute, USA, and on the Resilience Task Force of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Committee for Ecosystem Management (IUCN-CEM).  He holds a Masters in Eastern Philosophy from St. John’s College in New Mexico.

Chris Gill of Circle Ranch in West Texas is a dedicated practitioner of the Keyline Design and implementing the Yeoman's plow to do so. Here is a post off of his site and his contact information.

Dear Friends,

I created a tag in the Circle Ranch blog to deal with the Yeomans Keyline plow and contouring which has worked so well for us at the Circle Ranch.

Here is the link:


Christopher Gill
4040 Broadway - Suite 501
San Antonio, TX 78209
Residence: 210-824-4834
Business: 210-829-7224
Mobile: 210-240-3800
Fax: 210-826-9502
Circle Ranch: 915-986-2542
Circle Ranch Blog:
"The Permaculture Research Institute works with individuals and communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of permaculture design. This will provide solutions for permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities and countries." Their website is a great resource for anyone whether you're becoming interested in the concepts of Permaculture or the seasoned enthusiasts the forums, courses, information and news are great tools. Here is a link to their content.