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The One Piece of Equipment to Handle Every Cultivation

And Earth Working Requirement

NO Yeomans shanks are ever welded to the frame making shank spacings always adjustable!!!!

22" Shanks are ideal for smaller tractors in confined areas
26" Shanks come equipped on bigger heavier frames
31" Shanks are available for special applications
BIG-Y Shanks are an adjustable from 20 inches to 31 inches

Shear Pins
Shear pins are used on all rigid shanks
These protect both the shank and the plow frame
Inexpensive and easy to replace in under forty seconds using the drift supplied with the plow
Pins never move and never jam
Don't sheer until tip load exceeds approximately 3 tons for 22" shanks and 6 tons for all other shanks
Hydraulic Stump Jump
A totally new and patented high pressure Impulse Ram that can turn "uncultivatable" country into valuable, healthy land
If a plow point hits a rock the resistance or breakout force can reach 3 tons, but if the rock hasn't moved after the plow has traveled forward a few inches the ram pressure automatically switches over to normal line pressure. Allowing the resistance to reduce to around 1 ton so that the shank can jump the rock and return to its operating position.
In action it works like a deep digging rigid shank, that can change to a stump jump for a few seconds when absolutely necessary
To our knowledge there is no other implement in the world with this capability!!

Digging Points
Award Winning Merlin Point System
             High wear resistant point with replaceable wear parts make for the most cost effective point system on the market!!!
             On a digging point its the tip that gets extreme wear, not the rest of the body. But the whole thing has to be thrown away just          because of the tip. So Yeomans made a point made of separate pieces that are easily replaceable.
Wombat Point and White Point
              General purpose knock-on point standard with all rigid shank plows
              White Point fits all shank types but is specifically designed for Stump Jump shanks, available with CBC hard facing
AJ-50 Adapter
             Modifies the tips of Yeomans Shanks to look like conventional chisel plow shanks.
             Allows dozens of other chisel plow points on the market to be fitted to the shanks
             (Accepts 50 and 54 degree angle points with standard two and a quarter inch spacing)
Leap Frog System
             The leap frog system guarantees all the metal is used up in digging. There are never throw away bits at the end
              A brand new Leap Frog digs ok but actually gets better in use
              Generally Used for secondary cultivation, but can be very successful in primary cultivation in less difficult country.
              It is also a very effective hiller, by turning it upside down
Shank Rear Track Attachments
Cast into the trailing edge of all Yeomans Shanks is a unique V shaped and indexed track allowing a variety of ways things can be attached to the rear mount
Wobble Blades
               Cross between Blade Plows and Heel Knives
               System allows the cutting blades to wobble sideways to dodge big rocks and stumps
               A sailing boat type kneel between the blades keep the in position until they contact an obstruction that's too solid
               The replaceable, self sharping 12mm spring steel blades can easily cut through 2 inch thick scrub roots
               Ideal for one pass clearing, deep working and soil development
Squid Boot
              Now you can subsoil, cultivate, weed, seed and fertilize in one pass!!!
              The cast steel blades are sharp and slant back making them behave like weed knives that easily cut through roots
              They can be positioned at any height on the rear track of the Yeomans shank
              Seed delivery hoses from any good air seeder come down through a hose guide into the boot, then out sideways to whatever  seed row spacing you select
              Easy to run four different rows of seed or fertilizer

Weed Knives
              Conventional weed or heel knives 19 inch cut can be mounted to the rear mount for weeding and deep working in one pass
Stealth Hiller
              The Stealth Hiller is riigidiy attached to the rear mount on Yeomans Shanks
              The rigidity creates deep, clean furrows in even the most compacted soil conditions.
              Equipped with steel alloy wear plates  that bolt onto the bottom of the hilling boards to clean and grade the bottom of the furrows
              Also comes with upper soil leveling bars
Multi Adjustable Hiller 
               Specially formed hills or furrows for unique requirements become simple with this bolt-on rear mount assembly
               Height can be adjusted up and down the shank
               The blades can be tilted, canted to any angle, spread apart, turned upside down or any combination
Seeding or Fertilizing Boot and Shank Pot Seeder
               The Boot is mounted on the shanks rear track, is height adjustable and flattened slightly to fit snug behind the shank
               A simple and versatile single pot seeder were seed falls through holes with sizes that you dial up.
               Unit does NOT block up due to patented jigger system that protrudes through the hole an constantly bounces up and down
               Has 15 feed holes from 5/8" down to 1/16" to handle any seed size
               Bolts to the 4" square plow beams, great for adding new seed to an existing pasture