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Plows for Healthy Pasture and Rangeland

SB and L34SJ Series Plows
SIngle Beam Series with 22" or 26" rigid shanks and L34SJ Series for Stump Jump shanks
Developed to provide a versatile plow frame for small horsepower tractors
Great for steeply sloping terrain
Allows for various spacing of up to seven shanks on larger frame sizes
Extremely strong single beam frame
Optional Attachments: depth control wheels, crumble rollers, mounting of rotary hoes or power harrows, coulters or rear mounted extension
GP39 Series Plows
General Purpose Series with 22" Shanks
Developed specifically as an economical and versatile plow for general use
Ideal for use with small or low horsepower tractors, but will rip through the toughest soils
Optional Attachments: Depth control wheels, and 16" Coulter assembly
L43 and L60 Series Plows
Universal plow frame to suit all types of cultivation and a full range of tractor horse powers
43" or 60" overall fame size with 26" Shank standard
The "Do Anything" plow for three point linkage tractors 
Perfect for use in vegetables, orchards, vineyards, grain cropping &   pasture renovation
Optional Attachments: 18" coulters and crumble rollers
L65 Series Plows
Accepts 26", 31", and BIG-Y shanks
All models can be configured as 3-point linkage, trailing models or built with both capabilities
Most suitable frame for 3-point linkage STUMP-JUMP units
Built to be a multipurpose design with a 3rd beam that sits just behind the 3-point linkage hitch that gives it the ability to cater to almost any variation in shank ans wheel positioning, allowing its uses in any crop row spacing
Also a wonderful plow for contract work